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Our Customers

Distribution Partners

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We have always valued our relationships with our wholesale distribution partners, the ability to work hand in hand with their sales team, and coordinate promotions with their buyers and category managers.

Chain Stores & E-Commerce

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Category managers, retail management, marketing and social media teams time, as a multi-line rep provide efficiency in meetings by creating comprehensive plans that address each departments needs.

Retail Buying Groups

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In the art material channel, key brick and mortor retailers form marketing coalitions to build programs with supplier and share ideas. SAMPRO provides guidance to manufacturers to align strategies and goals with these groups, including creating and communicating promotions, developing OEM brands, and back-end marketing programs.

Independent Retailers

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Brick and motor dealers are the historical backbone of our company. When opportunities present themselves, we love to rise to the occasion.

Third Party E-Commerce


We believe that suppliers should sell on third party e-commerce through brick and mortar retailers. In this emerging sales channel, we bring focus to our suppliers in the context of their overall sales strategy.

Fine Pens & Creative Writing

We have seen many changes in the fine writing channel over our 40 years of experience. With renewed interest of young people fueled by social media, we are more excited than ever to participate in this growing segment.

Customers buy when you make it easy

– Robert Hammer, 1970